Johnson College Announces Record Setting Spring Enrollment

As the open house season gains momentum to fill college classrooms for the fall, Johnson College is celebrating exceeding their spring goal for 2016. Johnson College places a high priority on retaining students from year to year, while also continuing on its growth trajectory by attracting new students. This demonstrates how the type of education Johnson provides is setting students up for success.

This fall, the College accomplished record-setting freshman enrollment. Johnson College’s fall freshman enrollment reached 108% of the goal with over 300 students enrolled. This was the largest freshman class for the two-year technical college. Additionally, the College has surpassed its spring goal, by enrolling 34 students that make up 113% of the 30 student goal set. Total enrollment this year is 471, accounting for the most students on campus in the College’s history.

This spring, Johnson College is more appealing to students than ever before. It has more course offerings in the evening and provides spring start students the opportunity to take at least one of their core courses in their first semester which in the past was not possible because of a mod-based schedule system. Rita Lapera, Director of Enrollment at the College said the revised spring offerings, especially the core course offerings for 2016 “get new students engaged right from the start.”

Lapera also credited the type of education offered at Johnson which is in constant demand by people in Northeastern Pennsylvania. She said the 90% job placement rate is a key reason students choose to attend the college in North Scranton, “All of our technology-driven programs offered at Johnson College prepare students for in-demand family sustaining careers in as little as two years with significantly less debt than four year institutions.” Additionally, between 94% and 97% of Johnson College students receive some type of financial aid.

After celebrating the first winter commencement just a few weeks ago, the College now has more options than ever for students to attain their degree in a timely fashion so they can get right out into their high-demand careers. The College provides a type of education that suits many types of people. With new flexibility initiatives and dual-enrollment, the College is seeing an influx of transfer students, nontraditional students, and veterans seeking hands-on training through degree programs and continuing education offerings. “One in every three students at Johnson College is a transfer student,” said Lapera. She also mentioned that the graduation rate for transfer students is 5% higher than the College’s average. The spring semester has brought an additional 13 transfer students onto the Johnson College campus to begin degrees.

The Spring Open House  will take place on February 27th beginning at 9:30 a.m. in the Moffat Student Center. There will also be a Financial Aid Workshop on the same day at 8 a.m.