Students Build Storefronts for Local Christmas Market

Standing: Carl Frey, David Kosch, Derek Peters, Josh Shaver, and Sam Pelka. Kneeling: Zach Laub, Jacob Pasake, Kory Klatt, Eli Fuentes, and David Vaquero.

Johnson College Carpentry & Cabinetmaking Technology students recently completed a community service project to benefit the Factoryville Christmas Market. The students erected four storefronts to be used at the market on December 8th and 9th in the Factoryville Borough. Greg Yanko, of the borough council, arranged the project with Todd Campbell, Carpentry & Cabinetmaking Technology Instructor, and ten students in the freshman class were chosen to complete the storefronts. The project allowed them to create structures that will benefit the community for years to come. Mr. Campbell said the “students learned different types of joinery as well as teamwork and project organization.” Three students led the building of the storefronts – Derek Peters, Eli Fuentes and David Kosch.