225 hour Comprehensive

Course: Basic Cutting and Welding
Hours: 225 Hours
Schedule: 5:15pm – 10:15pm; Monday – Thursday

The basic welding course will focus on Shielded Metal Arc Welding “Stick” with 7018 and 6010 electrodes. Students will perform welds in all positions and various joint configurations on carbon steel plate. Students will learn basic welding theory, proper electrode selection, machine set up and proper welding and cutting safety. The course will also include an introduction to Gas Metal Arc Welding “MIG”, Flux Cored Arc Welding (Gas Shielded), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding “TIG” and open root joints with 6010 electrodes.

Tuition: $5,000
Required Materials: Personal Protective Equipment – All students must supply their own gloves, goggles, safety glasses, helmet, welding jacket, steel-toed boots, chipping hammer and wire brush.

Industry Testing

Johnson College, in partnership with Earlbeck Gases & Technologies, is an AWS Accredited Test Facility (ATF).Welding certification is one of the most commonly misunderstood things in our industry. There is not a single welding certification test that will certify you to weld everything, or certify you for all applications of a specific welding process (MIG, TIG, or Stick). Certification testing is done to a specific code, which is selected based on your application and job requirements.

Welding codes are written for a particular industry or product type such as Structural Steel, Sheet Metal, Aluminum or Stainless Steel; Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Piping Systems; Aerospace Welding; and many more. Each of these codes requires a welder to prove they are qualified by passing a Welder Performance Qualification Test. This is a practical exam that tests your ability to make quality welds, and there is no written test for any commonly used code.

Testing is held at the Johnson College welding facility on Friday afternoons. Appointments are required.

For more information, please call 570-702-8979 or email continuinged@johnson.edu.