Johnson College Appoints Special Assistant to Academic Affairs

Johnson College continually reassesses its strategic focus in an effort to provide the best possible educational experience for students while living up to industry expectations. The latest appointment within the Academic Affairs Department demonstrates this progress. Andrew Zwanch ‘82 was recently promoted to Special Assistant to Academic Affairs.

As Special Assistant to Academic Affairs, Mr. Zwanch reports directly to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and manages all of the College’s programs of study. He assists with college-wide projects and initiatives, their implementation, and assessment. He aids in student academic issues and provides guidance to all programs in these matters. He also supports program areas with all programmatic accreditations and their compliance and provides assistance to the Vice President of Academic Affairs with requirements for governmental agencies, accrediting, and oversight agencies.

Special Assistant to Academic Affairs is just the latest on the list of Mr. Zwanch’s accomplishments at Johnson College. He began his career at the College 33 years ago as a student. In 1982, he graduated from the Tool & Die Program. After some experience in industry, he returned to the College in 1987 as a faculty member. In 1988, he was named Precision Machining Technology (PMT) Department Chairperson, and was later appointed Technology Division Chairperson in 2007. He also furthered his education and received his Bachelor of Science from SUNY Oswego in 2002.

While Mr. Zwanch acts as Special Assistant to Academic Affairs, he is also helping with the evolution the PMT Program. As one of the original programs at Johnson College, it has changed over the years as technology and the need in industry have changed. Indicators show that advanced manufacturing will be returning to the United States over the next 3-5 years. Thus, after extensive research and discussions with key constituent groups like the senior leadership team, faculty, alumni, and Program Advisory Committee members, the College sees the direction of the PMT program evolving into an Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) Program with PMT remaining as a major component of the curriculum. The College hopes to start recruiting for the new AMT Program for Fall 2014.

“I strive to help keep Johnson College at the forefront of technology while never sacrificing the quality of education for our students,” states Mr. Zwanch.

Mr. Zwanch continually goes above and beyond for Johnson College, setting an exceptional example for students as well as fellow faculty and staff members.

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Andrew Zwanch ‘82 was recently promoted to Special Assistant to Academic Affairs at Johnson College.