Johnson College Introduces Compressed Natural Gas Training

The first Johnson College Compressed Natural Gas class completed training on August 7, 2014. The class from left to right includes Michael Novak, Johnson College Director of Industry; James Jack, Corey Young, Rick Blackham, Ryan Smith, Corey Zafzura, Steve Hine, Shane Garcia, and John Hart all employees of Kenworth of Pennsylvania; and Jeffrey Roughgarden, Johnson College Continuing Education Manager.

Johnson College has begun teaching its Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) curriculum under its Center for Professional Development.  This training prepares students for the future by teaching them the functions, theory, equipment, and safety of CNG fuel systems.  The CNG education program is designed for individual mechanics and businesses, including those who work in truck and automotive centers. This customized education track will prepare students and industry to be able to perform fuel system conversions, inspections and certifications of the systems. Mike Novak, the new Director of Industry at Johnson College, explains, “we can educate a student on CNG fuel systems and also on liquid natural gas (LNG), electric, hybrids, dual-fuel, bi-fuel, biofuels, and even fuel system conversions.” Johnson College is the only college in the region that can provide this training through the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium.