Dr. Ann L. Pipinski Celebrates 25 Years

Students, faculty, and staff joined together on January 6, 2015 to celebrate Dr. Ann L. Pipinski’s 25th year of service to Johnson College.

Dr. Ann L. Pipinski, President & Chief Executive Officer of Johnson College celebrated her 25th year with the College on January 6, 2015. In August 2002 she served as acting President and was appointed to her current role in February 2003. Dr. Pipinski began her tenure at Johnson College in 1989 as Vice President of Continuing Education.

Dr. Pipinski received her doctoral degree from Temple University, her master’s degree from New York University, and her bachelor’s degree from Marywood University.

Under Dr. Pipinski’s leadership, Johnson College completed its first Capital Campaign which has proven to be the largest and most successful fundraising initiative to date.  This success allowed for the construction of the largest building project to date, the Health Science Technology Center and initiated community engagement. The new programs introduced under Dr. Pipinski’s leadership are Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Technology, Physical Therapist Assistant, Welding Technology, Diesel Preventative Maintenance Technology Certificate, and Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technology.  Campus development highlights under Dr. Pipinski include expansion of Woolworth Hall in 2010, renovation of the Moffat Gymnasium in 2013 and revitalization of the Moffat Café in 2009.