Radiologic Technology Program Advances Technology in the Classroom

Johnson College’s Radiologic Technology Program recently began training students in Digital Radiography with the addition of an Alpha Imaging Digital Panel to their program area. Radiologic Technology courses have now expanded from instruction in conventional film screen & computed radiography imaging in the digital arena to this new method of imaging patients. Over the last few years, hospitals and large out-patient centers have expanded their x-ray departments with this digital technology because of more advanced speed and quality of x-ray images as well as being able to retrieve these images using less radiation than previously available technologies. The College’s technological programs train students on the latest equipment utilized in industry, providing students with the most hands-on experience and ensuring they are prepared to enter industry with the skills that are in demand by employers.

Back row from left to right: Barbara Byrne, Clinical Coordinator for Radiologic Technology; Roxanne Caswell, Clinical Instructor; Brad Jerome,  Jarred Lestansky,  Jenna Lehman, Fabianny Gomez-Arias, Ashley Fox, Carissa Suhockey, and Joan Bonczek, Radiologic Technology Program Director. Front row on left: Rebecca Sullivan, and Kara Boles.