United Gilsonite Laboratories Donates Lab Supplies

(L-R) Katie Leonard, Executive Vice President; Michele Margotta Neary, Public Relations Director / Media Planner – United Gilsonite Laboratories; Michael Novak, Chief Administrative Officer; Dave Jolie, Vice President of Manufacturing and Distribution – United Gilsonite Laboratories; Joe Johnson, Vice President of Research & Development – United Gilsonite Laboratories; Todd Campbell, Department Chair of Carpentry & Cabinetmaking Technology; and Tracey Pratt, Manager of Development.

Just before the start of the fall 2017 semester, Johnson College received a generous donation from United Gilsonite Laboratories (UGL) in Scranton. The manufacturer, established in 1932, produces home improvement products and prides itself in community support. The nearly $800 donation of a variety of wood stains, polyurethane wood protectors, wood patch, and spackle will support the Carpentry & Cabinetmaking Technology program by providing budget relief to supply costs.

The family owned business, which has been around for more than 85 years, believes in becoming part of the community. Michele Neary, Public Relations Director at UGL said, “We are so excited to be partnering with Johnson College. It is a perfect fit for us.” Additionally, she said her company hopes to further the carpentry industry by allowing students to use new quality materials in the classroom. “By donating products to Johnson College we hope to ignite student curiosity and inspire educators to reimagine learning.  We understand that igniting curiosity and inspiring educators is sometimes difficult on the strict budgets of education institutions.  We hope with our product donation instructors in the Carpentry & Cabinetmaking Technology program can be more powerful in the student’s professional development.”

Todd Campbell, Department Chair of Carpentry & Cabinetmaking Technology said, “The support of UGL will allow our students to be introduced to some of the newest products being used in the field. This year we plan to experiment with some of UGL’s new water based stains and polyurethane.” The supplies are already being put to use since the beginning of the semester in late August. Johnson College looks forward to continuing the relationship with UGL through potential internships or job placements or by having guest speakers talk to current students about product development and manufacturing.