Johnson College Announces 2020-2021 Tuition Freeze

Fall 2020 students are guaranteed two years at the same tuition rate

Scranton, PA – January 14, 2020 – After achieving record-setting enrollment this fall, Johnson College is announcing that tuition for 2020-2021 will not increase. The $17,700 annual tuition cost set for fall 2019 will freeze for the upcoming year. Freshmen will carry this same cost into year two of their studies.

Dr. Katie Leonard, President & CEO, is proud of Johnson College’s ability to alleviate student debt burden. She shared, “Record-setting enrollment and smart fiscal management have led directly to this tuition freeze and our overall level of affordability for students.” 

Dr. Leonard cites the College’s high, in-field placement rate, as a key reason students choose to attend the College in North Scranton. Johnson College programs are in such high demand that many students have job offers before graduation. Dr. Leonard said, “The relationship the College has with industry partners is unlike any other. Industry calls and we answer. They guide our curriculum to ensure that our students become the talented employees filling their workforce needs.”

The tuition freeze will increase students’ return on investment. Dr. Leonard shared, “Johnson College provides an opportunity for students to earn an affordable degree in just two years, acquiring less debt. Because of their valued skill sets, students are hired very quickly, leading to faster earnings growth, making their Johnson College education even more valuable.” A recent Georgetown University study reported that two-year college degrees and certificates have a higher return on investment within ten years after enrollment compared to four-year degrees from private and public colleges.

Between 94% and 97% of Johnson College students receive some type of financial aid. 

Spring 2020 classes are enrolling now for a January 21st start. The Fall 2020 semester begins on August 31, 2020.