Father & Son Physicists Team Teach Radiation Safety to Students

Samuel Payne, Radiation Physicists Consultants of Hunlock Creek, speaks to Johnson College students about atomic safety when it comes to radiation technology.

Johnson College’s Radiologic Technology Program welcomed a father and son team of medical radiation physicists to speak with students about safety in the x-ray room. Samuel Payne works with his son Michael as Radiation Physicists Consultants in Hunlock Creek. They visit hospitals and clinics across the region to test their radiation scanning equipment.

Sam Payne delivered a presentation to students to talk about being safe when working with any x-ray machine to help students avoid radiation and meet all national safety standards. They also discussed the biologic issues that come from extreme radiation exposure. Sam Payne says, “I love visiting Johnson College each year and experiencing all of the positive energy from the faculty and students. I love being able to share my passion for my work.”

For more information on the Radiologic Technology Program at Johnson College, please contact Joan Bonczek, at 570-702-8940 or jbonczek@johnson.edu. For more information on Radiation Physicists Consultants, please contact them at (570) 477-3925.

Father & Son Physicists Team Teach Safety to Johnson College Students. LEFT TO RIGHT: Roxanne Caswell, Clinical Instructor, Radiologic Technology, Johnson College; Samuel Payne, Radiation Physicists Consultants, Joan Bonczek, Program Director, Radiologic Technology, Johnson College; and Barbara Byrne, Radiologic Technology, Clinical Coordinator, Johnson College; Michael Payne, Radiation Physicists Consultants; Richard Mishura, Math Department Chairman, Johnson College.