Bryan Anderson Continues to Inspire

Sgt. Bryan Anderson, who visited Johnson College this past fall, is featured as part of a series of stories from ABC News about Actor Gary Sinise and his Foundation for veterans leading up to the Oscars Sunday. Watch the story below from Good Morning America.

Johnsonian-Spring-2014-Page5Sgt. Anderson delivered his inspiring keynote to our campus on October 16th, 2013. He also signed copies of his book “No Turning Back” which helped to raise money for an area fallen veteran’s charity.

You can read more about Bryan’s visit to campus in our next Johnsonian Magazine out next week!

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We interviewed Bryan ahead of his visit in our last Johnsonian. You can read his story in the last issue here.

Sgt. Anderson won’t be at Sunday’s Oscars. He’s currently in Hawaii shooting an appearance in episode of Hawaii-Five-0!