Students Recognized for Academic Excellence in National Honor Society

Front Row: Emily Jeschke, Cassie Frederick, Nicole Bartell, Christina Belko, Sarah Shygelski, and Mikaela Zbegner. Second Row: Bettina Dorow, Robert Keiper, Mon Basnet, Robert Mancini, Christine Reid, Ashley Custard-Allen, John Decker, Laura Welsted, and Shelby Willmot.

Johnson College is once again celebrating its students for hitting high marks by celebrating their inclusion into a major national honor society. 24 students were honored during a ceremony on Friday, May 12th for the Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society.

Alpha Beta Kappa (ABK) is the premier national collegiate honor society for trades and essential occupations. The society honors excellence not only in the classroom, but also in shop, studio, and laboratory study. Students must also rank in the upper ten percent of their graduating class.