Building & Property Maintenance Program Announced

(L-R) Frank Mickavicz, ’90, Assistant Department Chair for Electrical Construction & Maintenance Technology; Laura Little, Director of Curriculum; Kellyn Nolan, Chief Academic Officer; Katie Leonard, President & CEO; John DeAngelis, Department Chair of Architectural Drafting & Design Technology; Walter Wood, ’11, Program Director for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology; and Todd Campbell, ’82, Department Chair of Carpentry & Cabinetmaking Technology.

On January 15th, Katie Leonard, President & CEO and Kellyn Nolan, Chief Academic Officer announced Johnson College’s newest program, Building and Property Maintenance. 

The one-year certificate program prepares students to enter the workforce ready to perform general maintenance and repair. Graduates will have industry credentials and will be cross-trained in Carpentry, Electrical Construction, and Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Employers seeking trained technicians include residential or business complexes, schools, hospitals, and more.

President Leonard spoke about the program to an audience of faculty, staff, and industry partners:

“After many months of feasibility conversations and planning, we are very excited to announce to the campus community and our industry partners that a new program of study will begin in 2019. Building and Property Maintenance will allow a new path for students to not only achieve a credentialed certificate, but will also provide them with a path toward a two-year degree in one of three interconnected majors. Enrollment for this program will begin immediately.”

Ms. Nolan detailed the benefits this program will have, not only on industry, but for all types of students:

“First, it is a pathway for a person to achieve a position as an entry-level maintenance technician, a job that is sought in all kinds of industries. This is not limited to custodial work, but the maintenance of lighting, heating, and upkeep that all buildings need.

Second, it is an option for a student who is hesitant to commit to a two-year program. By aligning the Building and Property Maintenance curriculum with that of the Building Trades and Technology Curriculum- Heating Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, Carpentry, and Electrical Construction, we have created a way for someone to come back for a second year and earn an associate’s degree.

Third, it is an opportunity to upskill. When we say upskill, we mean training current employees to work better and more efficiently. The Building and Property Maintenance certificate program allows organizations a resource to send an employee here, to Johnson College, to improve upon their skills to better serve the organization.”

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