College Reveals Expansion with Construction of Bracey Hall

Johnson College announced today that construction will soon begin on a new advanced technology facility to house its growing Building Trades programs, specifically Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Technology and Electrical Construction Technology. The new facility will double the size of the existing HVAC laboratory and provide additional training facilities for Electrical Construction Technology on the College’s Scranton campus.

During a community event on the Scranton campus, Dr. Katie Pittelli, Johnson College President & CEO, unveiled artist renderings and plans for the new facility as she announced that the building expansion will be named Bracey Hall, in recognition of the Bracey family’s service to Johnson College. The Braceys recently pledged a major gift to the College’s capital campaign, “Innovation at Work,” to support its building trades programs. This gift will allow the College to continue meeting the needs of its students, industry partners, and the community with advanced real-world, hands-on, industry-driven education.

In addition to the transformational gift from the Bracey family, the College was awarded a $1 million Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through the City of Scranton. This grant will help the College to expand its workforce development programming for high-tech and in-demand fields, including HVAC and Electrical Construction. The HVAC and Electrical Construction Technology programs also benefitted from a $280,000 Appalachian Regional Commission grant for campus technology upgrades.

Dr. Pittelli stated Bracey Hall will feature ample space to provide dedicated, permanent areas for all significant training equipment. The facility will feature a more advanced interdisciplinary programming laboratory that will teach students the importance of learning to work in teams with each other and those from differing programs.

The building trades programs at the College have seen continuous growth throughout the past few years. The College’s HVAC program director and chair of the Building Trades division, Walter Wood ’11, shared that the significant demand in industry has led to an increase in enrollment and the need to expand. Additional classrooms and lab space will provide more students the opportunity to enroll in the College’s hands-on Building Trades programs to meet industry needs throughout the region and beyond.

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