Johnson College in Conjunction with Don’s Machine Shop brings CNC training to Luzerne County

Johnson College in conjunction with Don’s Machine Shop in West Pittston continues to bring Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining training to Luzerne County. Starting August 23, 2021 students will train to utilize, maintain and program Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines inside Don’s Machine Shop’s classroom and lab at 100 Elm Street, West Pittston.

Open enrollment for this 510 Hour CNC class is going on now. Space is limited. Financial assistance may be available. Contact our Continuing Education Department at 570-702-8979 or to find out if you qualify. Learn more visit

CNC machinists manufacture precision products and components used in a variety of applications such as automotive, medical, electronics, aerospace, transportation, military, and more. Industries throughout northeastern Pennsylvania are currently in need of well-trained CNC machinists.

This 510 hour class for beginner-level students includes theory and hands-on learning experiences. The hands-on training, delivered at Don’s Machine Shop, is on some of the most state-of-the-art equipment in the region. This unique, one-of-a-kind training will help open up new career opportunities right away. This relationship truly demonstrates how industry is a Johnson College student’s campus. Social distancing and mask guidelines will be followed at all times. The cost of the class is $7,500. Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify.

Since starting over 30 years ago Don’s Machine Shop, Inc. has grown to be one of the largest machine shops in Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley. Their 77,000 square foot climate-controlled facility contains millions of dollars’ worth of modern equipment that are continually upgraded. Don’s Machine Shop, Inc. employs 30 people and makes machine parts for companies around the globe. Many things have changed since this business started over 30 years ago, but their commitment to providing quality parts and service will never change. For more information visit

Johnson College’s Continuing Education Program distinguishes itself from the College’s 2-year degree programs and certificate courses by providing its adult students the opportunity to improve their skills to stay ahead of the competition, learn new technologies, and advance in their current careers. The Continuing Education courses, many taught by industry professionals, are utilized and recognized by industry partners because they’re developed in partnership with industry. Johnson College strategizes with and listens to its partners when creating the most effective hands-on continuing education curriculum and programs. Some courses are specifically customized toward industry partners’ workforce needs in reducing possible skills gaps and industry requirements. The program also includes pre-employment skills testing and exclusive online courses offering certification classes for essential industries. Johnson College also assists individual students and industry partners in obtaining funding or grants so their continuing education courses are cost-effective. Students continuing in their current jobs, obtain hands-on advanced training, new certifications, and unique skills to expand their careers while helping their companies grow. Students entering a new career have an opportunity, through newly acquired core skills, to excel in training and job placement when hired in the industry they’re passionate about. Johnson College trains the workforce of northeastern Pennsylvania by immersing our continuing education, degree, and certificate-earning students in industry from day one. Johnson College’s Continuing Education Program carries on the College’s long history of producing the most highly skilled technicians and technologists by providing flexible, real-world hands-on learning and a direct link to industry. Individuals explore new careers while industry partners strengthen their current workforce. We Work, so the students succeed. For additional information on Johnson College’s Continuing Education Program, please call 570-702-8979, email, or visit

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Logan Keating (left) and David Cikota (right) train to utilize, maintain and program Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines at Don’s Machine Shop in West Pittston during Johnson College’s 510-Hour CNC Machining training class. Open enrollment for the next 510-Hour CNC Machining class at Don’s Machine Shop is going on now. The next class starts August 23, 2021, and space is limited. To learn more and enroll, contact the Johnson College Continuing Education Department at 570-702-8979 or