College Hosts Global Taco After Dark Webinar Session

Johnson College will host members of Taco Comfort Solutions as they broadcast their global training webinar, “Taco After Dark,” from the Scranton campus’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Technology lab.

This session is the eighth and final part of their fall webinar series called “Taco After Dark” and will cover the topic of domestic hot water recirculation. Participants will learn the correct way to size and control a DHW recirculation system for all types of water heaters. The webinar will focus particularly on the unique DHW recirculation requirements being set forth by heat pump water heater manufacturers.

Taco Comfort Solutions is a family-owned, global engineer and manufacturer of high-efficiency indoor heating, cooling, and plumbing comfort systems. They offer industry-leading training for residential and commercial systems. Members of the training team have been visiting technical schools across the continent to present their webinar sessions live from industry-focused classrooms. Webinar presenters from Taco Comfort Solutions will include John Barba, Director of Training; David Holdorf, Residential Trainer of the Eastern region; and Rick Mayo, Western Product and Application Instructor.

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