Johnson College Announces New Two-Year Associates Degree, Mechatronics Technology

Students can now enroll in Johnson College’s new Mechatronics Technology program. The program will start during the fall 2022 semester.

The two-year associate degree program prepares students for entry-level work in the multidisciplinary field of Mechatronics, which includes energy, plastics, computer and communications equipment manufacturing, and aerospace technology. Students learn the theoretical principles and measured values required to troubleshoot electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems. The program also teaches customer service, supervisory, and professional communications skills to help students excel in their future roles as Mechatronic technicians.

Graduates will work in careers such as electro-mechanical and mechatronics technologists or technicians and have the opportunity to earn a median annual income of up to $59,800.

“Johnson College’s industry partners have shared with us the importance of students entering the workforce with interdisciplinary skills. These are the students they want to hire.” said Dr. Katie Leonard, Johnson College’s President and CEO. “The addition of the Mechatronics Technology program addresses their need for versatile employees with dynamic troubleshooting skills.”

For more information about or to enroll in Johnson College’s Mechatronics Technology program visit or contact Johnson College’s Enrollment Department at 570-702-8856 or

Now Enrolling Students in OBDII Emissions Training Class

Johnson College’s Continuing Education Program is currently enrolling students into its OBDII Emissions Training class. The class will be held in Weaver Hall on the Johnson College campus on Monday, Feb. 22 and Tuesday, Feb. 23 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., and conclude with testing on Thursday, Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. Space is very limited to allow for social distancing. Face masks must be worn at all times while on campus. To learn more or enroll call 570-702-8979 or email

The OBDII computer monitors a vehicle’s emission control systems in real-time and is capable of informing a motorist or technician of a systemic issue the moment it occurs. The system operates through a series of indicator lights, drive cycles, trouble codes and readiness monitors. During an inspection, an emission analyzer scan tool plugs into the diagnostic connector that is attached to the OBDII computer and communicates with the vehicle. The OBDII computer relays to the scan tool whether it has discovered errors in the emission control systems. The emission analyzer then determines whether the vehicle is being operated in compliance with emission standards. For more information visit

The class fee of $180 is paid to Johnson College and a study material and testing fee of $39.99 is paid directly to the PA Training Portal.

Tech Talk with Johnson College Podcast – Episode 6 Now Available

Tech Talk with Johnson College Podcast Episode 6, “Skilled Technicians are In-Demand” is now available. In this episode Dr. Katie Leonard talks with Darryl Jayne, General Manager at Gibbons Ford in Dickson City, PA. Dr. Leonard and Mr. Jayne share industry stories of the auto industry and in-demand skilled technicians who have come through Johnson College. You might not think about the importance of strong communication skills and the mastering of emotional soft skills. These traits are valued by all employers and surprisingly useful in the auto-industry.

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Darryl Jayne has been with Gibbons Ford for the last 8 years. He started in the industry 42 years ago selling automobiles. He was drawn to the business and knew right away that it would be a forever career. Jayne has been with the same company for the duration of his career, minus one month at the beginning and five years in the middle.

Jayne says the past eight plus years in the role of General Manager have been very rewarding and diversified. He was the primary contact on the building of Gibbons Ford’s new 5 million dollar facility and orchestrated the move of their team, product and processes. Over the recent years, he’s had been very fortunate to have collected and employed some of the finest team members in the automotive industry. This has propelled Gibbons Ford to becoming one of the largest Ford dealers in the state, on track to achieve 100 million in sales by the end of 2020.

Per Jayne, the reason for Gibbons Ford’s success has always been our employees and their efforts. Jayne is called to find the right people to do that and he truthfully believes that it’s his my biggest asset. Most of Gibbons Ford’s success is because their owner supported, encouraged and gave their employees the opportunity to grow.

Jayne is a Norte Dame fan who was born and raised in the valley and a proud graduate of Valley View High School in Archbald, PA. He enjoys golfing with his wife Suzy, who he’s been married to for 15 years. Jayne serves on the board at one of the local golf clubs, which despite many challenges has been very rewarding. He is also the primary care giver for his 95-year-old mother who still bakes and makes homemade jellies and jams.

Tech Talk with Johnson College Podcast – Episode 5 Now Available

Tech Talk with Johnson College Podcast Episode 5, Growing Opportunities for the HVAC Trade” is now available. In this episode Dr. Katie Leonard talks with Steve Midura, Northeast Pennsylvania Market Director at Johnson Controls in Wilkes-Barre. They discuss the effects that COVID-19 has had on the industry and safety regulations in place, as well as the demand across the nation for skilled technicians in this field and how technology is growing the capability of HVAC systems.

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Our guest, Steve Midura, enjoys the extreme privilege of leadership with a dedicated team of professionals that serve the broader Northeast Pennsylvania HVAC & Automation market. Some key clients are Geisinger, the Mohegan Sun Casino and the Lackawanna County Stadium. Steve ensures that all customers are sold the value they need and that the operations efforts are fully executed to exceed expectations. The true value his team offers is local, dedicated staff that live here and take great pride in remaining the NEPA market leader.

Prior to Steve being named the Northeast Pennsylvania Market Director of Johnson Controls in 2004, he was Project Team Leader from 1997 to 2004. Before joining Johnson Controls, Steve was Assistant Director of Facilities at Geisinger Community Medical Center in Scranton, PA.

Steve is a current member of Johnson College’s Board of Directors. He brings his knowledge & experience to help the college grow the student experience & ultimate capability. Steve’s focus will also be on gaining the maximum amount of exposure to women & diverse candidates. The technically skilled workforce demands the best & most passionate professionals and these careers should offer everyone a fulfilling lifetime of opportunity.